See You Next Spring

The flowers are pretty much done in Rocky Mountain National Park, so I think this will be my last post for 2016. But the Aspens are at their peak and are simply magnificent this year. Enjoy and come back next year!

New Orchid!

I am such a nerd … My quest to find all 30 orchids found in Colorado made a significant step forward today. I found a Tall White Northern Bog Orchid. Actually, I found a whole bunch of them on the Poudre River trail. I continue to be amazed that orchids grow in the dry mountains. 

Pretty! New!

I get so excited when I find a flower I haven’t seen before. These little 1″ pink flowers are low to the ground and easy to miss. They are called Alpine Lewisia. I found them on the Poudre River Trail — one of best wildflower hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park right now. 

Elephants on Parade

What an amazing day! On the Poudre River Trail, I found meadows full of Elephantella (also known as Elephant Head). Look carefully at the flower — and you’ll understand the name. The Elephantella was mixed in with Rosy Paintbrush for a gorgeous mix of pink and purple. Wow!

Boulder Rasperry

These gorgeous big bushes look like roses but are really raspberries. These were on the Hollowell trail … bet it will be full of bears in a few weeks when these turn to berries.