The American Alpine Speedwell is a tiny flower, about 6 inches tall with a cluster of tiny blossoms in a 1/2″ group at the top. I used my Ollo Clip magnifying glass to try to get a close up so that you get an idea of the intricate little petals.


Compare the Parry Lousewort and the Bracted Lousewort (two last pics).  They differ slightly in size and the shape of the flower beak, and in the stems and leaves. Normal people would likely think they are the same flower, but they look very different to me!

Big Larkspur

I’m used to seeing the two-lobed larkspur that grows all over the fields in the early summer, but this is the first time I have seen (or at least recognized) Subalpine Larkspur.  It is sort of bush-like and much bigger than it’s low land cousin. Found these on Trail Ridge Road in a wet meadow.