Alpine Potpourri

Up above treeline there is an amazing mix of teeny flowers — most only 1/3 inch across. They huddle between the boulders. Clockwise from top left: Alpine Forget-Me-Nots, Alpine Paintbrush, mix, Alpine Sandwort, Moss Campion, Featherleaf Fleebane.


The American Alpine Speedwell is a tiny flower, about 6 inches tall with a cluster of tiny blossoms in a 1/2″ group at the top. I used my Ollo Clip magnifying glass to try to get a close up so that you get an idea of the intricate little petals.

Alpine Forget Me Nots

About the size of a pencil eraser, this is one of the prettiest flowers you will find at 11,500 feet. I took a GREAT class this weekend at the Rocky Mountain Conservancy … You will be seeing a lot of photos, like this one, from that class!