New Orchid!

I am such a nerd … My quest to find all 30 orchids found in Colorado made a significant step forward today. I found a Tall White Northern Bog Orchid. Actually, I found a whole bunch of them on the Poudre River trail. I continue to be amazed that orchids grow in the dry mountains. 

Orchids with spots!

Look under pine trees for these thin red stalks. We found them at Wind Basin and Cow Creek. These tiny little orchids are really hard to photograph, especially with the wind we’ve had the past few days. Add to that the fact that the flowers are less than 1/4 inch high, and you will understand…

Calypso Orchid

Sometimes called Fairy Slippers, I think they look like lions roaring … with pink manes, of course.  We took the trail of 2,000 stair steps and 10,000 big black Mosquitos, also known as East Inlet trail to Lone Pine Lake.

The Largest Orchid

So, I’m sitting on a rock resting after climbing 3 miles up from Beaver Meadows to Ute Meadow, and staring at nothing. After about five minutes I realize that I am looking at a Northern Green Bog Orchid! And it’s HUGE! The plant is nearly two feet tall, and some of the flowers are an…