Gentian: Fringed vs Parry

So I found another one — the Fringed Gentian. This really is Gentian Week! But I also realized that I had included some Fringed Gentians in my earlier post on Parry Gentians. They grow in the same places and are about the same size, so I forgive myself for my lazy identification. 🙂 Fringed Gentians…

Gentian: Dwarf

I’m continuing Gentian Week with another new find — the Autumn Dwarf Gentian. These are really tiny — the flow is about 1/3″ across. Very easy to miss on the trail from Green Mountain trail head to Big Meadow.

Gentian: Parry

It appears that this is going to be “Gentian Week” since I keep coming across them. This is one I’ve never seen before. Found it at Big Meadow on the hike from Green Mountain trail head to Granite Falls. There were thousands in the meadow. Breath taking!