About RMNP Flowers

Trail to Lake Hiayaha

Trail to Lake Hiayaha

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park renews my soul and gets my head straight.  The thin air, the great exercise, the astounding beauty of the mountains, all combine for an experience like no other. When I’m there I breathe deeper, stand straighter, my shoulders drop down and relax, and I’m a better, happier person.

We’ve been travelling to the mountains for 15 years, and finally gave in and bought a house there. My son and husband are avid fly fishermen … but that’s just not for me.  So while they fished, I found myself increasingly interested in the amazing color and variety of the wildflowers along the hiking trails. Soon I bought a book so that I could learn their names.  Then I began taking pictures and documenting where and when I saw them.

Now I find myself on trails accosting strangers and pointing out my latest wildflower finds. Occasionally I get lucky and a person will stop and display some interest. But rarely are they as excited as I am. So, here is a blog about those finds. Perhaps I can find an audience that is as interested as I in these lovely little miracles.

If you are one of those people, please share your finds and help me by letting me know when I get the names wrong!  I have absolutely no training and very little ego. Just passion and enthusiasm.


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