I always get excited when I find these GORGEOUS orchids, called Calypso Orchids or Fairy Slippers.  I personally would call them Angry Pink Lions. Love them.

We’ve seen a few on virtually every trail this week, but found several large bunches on the East Portal trail.  Look under the red Columbine on the south side of the trail.

3 thoughts on “Calypso!

  1. I’m wondering if you could tell me where exactly to find the East Portal Trail? I’ve looked in all my RMNP hiking books, & on maps, but cannot find it. We have seen the Calypso Orchids in RMNP, but no large groupings, and have never seen any red columbine in the park. These would be great sightings to add to our log. Thanks for your help. Love seeing your posts!

  2. Hi – East Inlet (I mistakenly called this East Portal in the post) is in Grand Lake on the west side of the park.You’ll find it at the southeast end of the lake. The Calypsos are maybe 1/2 mile in. There are several nice clusters of 20-30. Enjoy!

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