The Power of Yellow

Is there any color that is happier than yellow? These Sunflowers just make me smile.  Of course, I have a life long obsession with yellow, beginning when my mom let me decorate my own room when I was 10. I picked yellow shag carpet (yes, it was the 70s), gold, green and orange striped wallpaper with yellow daisys scattered across it and a yellow and green striped bedspread. Not even an angst-ridden pre-teen could be depressed in that room. In fact, I think all office buildings should decorate in bright yellow. There would be happier workers everywhere! And much less passive aggressive (or overtly aggressive) behavior. Think about it.

Sunflower (maybe Bush Sunflower?)

Sunflower (maybe Bush Sunflower?)

DSCF0850 DSCF0849 DSCF0844


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