Such a Great Photo Day …

Sorry, but I have to do multiple posts today. All my photos turned out so splendidly; I am compelled to share. The featured photo is Dusky Beardtongue (the people who name these things got some explaining to do…) which can be almost any shade of purple.  But I prefer the really, really dark purple specimens as you will see in my pics. We found these walking from Lake Hiayaha to Mills Lake and then back down to Glacier Gorge Trailhead. They were surrounded by Lady’s Tresses, Cutleaf Arnica and — near streams — Tall Fringed Bluebells. This was an awesome day.

Dusky Beardtongue

Dusky Beardtongue

July 20 037 July 20 038

Lady's Tresses

Lady’s Tresses

Cutleaf Arnica

Cutleaf Arnica


Tall Fringed Bluebells

Tall Fringed Bluebells

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