Monet? No, Just Real Life

Up with the sun this morning to get out hikin’ before the 20,000 visitors in town this weekend rolled out of bed. But we are not complaining — it is great to see our little tourist town full of folks. Our first stop today was Nymph Lake, which is almost entirely covered with the Yellow Pond-Lilly (also known as Spatterdock — hunh???) I wasn’t even going to bother with photos of these flowers that I thought were common everywhere, but my husband insisted, and once again he is right… these are only found at high altitude in Colorado. Apparently the yellow waterlilies we had in Minnesota were a different species. But most importantly, my photos are spectacular — if I do say so myself.

Yellow Pond-Lily

Yellow Pond-Lily

July 20 006 July 20 005

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